We’re defining the future of family history and consumer genomics.

Quick Facts

Ancestry revenues have increased from $225 million in 2009 to $680 million in 2015.

With 2 million users, AncestryDNA is the world’s largest consumer DNA database.

Ancestry has more than 2.4 million paying subscribers across its core Ancestry websites.

Ancestry has multiple strategic equity investors including Silver Lake and GIC along with Permira funds, Spectrum Equity, and Ancestry management.

Ancestry has 18 billion records and 80 million family trees.

Ancestry has almost 1,400 employees located around the world.

A few ways we’re expanding our offerings.

Family history is just the starting point for a suite of brands and products with focused opportunities for growth and partnerships.


Rapid year-over-year growth, expansion into global markets, and cutting-edge technology has made AncestryDNA a leading consumer genomics brand with the largest consumer database in the world.

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Ancestry has market leading businesses in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Sweden, and international markets account for almost a third of all subscribers. We are poised to release significant new content from Mexico and Germany and up our marketing efforts in both of these markets in 2016.

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Powered by Newspapers.com, we are leveraging our world-class digitization and back-end operational capabilities to help leading publishers and mastheads bring their archives online, expanding consumer access to historical content and creating a new shared revenue stream.

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Our leadership brings a broad range of experience and expertise to the company.

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